The Hope Eden Experience

Owning a Racehorse with Hope Eden Racing

Hope Eden Racing provides opportunities for horse racing enthusiasts to become stakeholders in shared ownership syndicates. Our members make contributions towards our horse to join the racing syndicate and consequently own a percentage stake in their horse. With their stake comes the potentially lucrative rewards of each horse’s individual racing success.

We founded Hope Eden Racing to allow individuals to access a more cost-effective and convenient route to race horse ownership than self-purchase. Hope Eden’s syndicates are made up of varying numbers of stakeholders and members benefit from the social opportunities and camaraderie that come with being a member of a horse racing syndicate.

How a Horse Racing Syndicate Works

Owners’ pay a contribution towards the syndicate, appropriate to the level of their share.

This contribution is determined by Hope Eden and based on a number of factors, thus it varies horse to horse. Owners’ contributions entitle them to a percentage share in their horse and, as a horse’s success grows, so does its potential prize winnings – of which stakeholders receive a share – and its future resale value.

Hope Eden Racing’s role is to coordinate the management of horses, trainers, race entries, prize administration and veterinary services, stables and stud, among other matters. For this, Hope Eden receives management fees, taken from initial and ongoing contributions and future resale values.

Benefits of Owning a Share in a Racehorse

Owner's Badges

Hope Eden members receive Owners’ and Trainers’ passes for race meetings, allowing access to the Paddock, Winners’ Enclosure and Owners’ Bar.

Owner's Briefings

You will be kept up-to-date about our horse, with regular feedback from our trainers about progress, race entries and more.

Stable Visits

Regular stable visits are organised so you can meet your horse’s trainer and see them in action.